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The complete solution to improve hand hygiene and other processes related to the prevention and infection control.

Hands Safe facilitates all stages of the hand hygiene program in healthcare environments, with an app, smart dispenser, training and monitoring of hand hygiene processes.

Discover the 4 pillars of the solution

Developed by experts in infection care and prevention

Created by nurses, Hands Safe is the first application for auditing by direct observation of hand hygiene, which makes auditing processes and evaluating the quality of services provided by healthcare professionals possible.

Audit and hand hygiene 

Audit and hand hygiene 


Work offline: data can be synchronized later

Agility and assertiveness in data analysis

Full integration with the Hands Safe plataform

What you can do with
Hands Safe

  • Auditing the 5 moments of hand hygiene.
  • Audit more than one moment per evatuation.
  • View detailed reports in real time.
  • Capture data offline.

Use the app and ensure safety and quality of care.
Hands Safe – to the next level!

Hands Safe works with a combination of technologies: the audit app, compatible with iOS and Android: the smart dispenser, wich has an RFID sensor; and the storage of data and precise analysis of alcohol consumption in real time.

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Hand Hygiene Audit

Hand hygiene is an esssential practice within hospitals, as it plays a fundamental role in preventing the spread of healthcare-related infections. Hands Safe allows you to audit the 5 moments and the quality of the hand hygiene technique of healthcare professionals.

It is the only tool capable of auditing processes and assessing the quality of services provided by health professionals. Such as the adherence and isolation indicator, making it possible to audit the correct PPE donning and doffing and the adequacy of isolation.

Patient perception

Hands Safe now promotes the active involvement of patients and their families in infection control.

With Hands Safe, it is possible to have the patient’s and their family’s perception of the hand hygiene practices of healthcare professionals, increasing safety and improving results.


The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology used in the Hands Safe smart dispenser records the date and time of each use, monitoring the alcoholic solution from various angles:

This makes it easy to see which dispensers are more or less used, when they are used and how much product is delivered per group of professionals, shift and location.

Training in infection prevention
and control

With an innovative approach, our platform offers continuous, up-to-date training based on scientific research to reinforce the importance of hand hygiene.

Through strict adherence to the practice of hand hygiene, our aim is to promote patient safety and the efficiency of healthcare services.

Technological Advances in Hand Hygiene Practice

Our advanced 360° auditing technology optimizes infection prevention and control in healthcare settings through detailed hand hygiene audits; patient engagement; and immediate feedback of results.

The Hands Safe system will strengthen the culture of hand hygiene and guarantee its solidity and effectiveness.

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